Training. Team building. Process support.

Equine assisted training for individuals, teams and organizations.


Real experiences for sustainable behavior change

In order to change “something” on a personal level, in teams or organizations, behavior must change first. You can find out how this works in my trainings, workshops and team events.


Better collaboration through new perspectives

Blind spot, insular thinking, tunnel vision – too often a limited or distorted perception stands in the way of productive and harmonious collaboration. I open eyes and create new perspectives.


External solutions through internal development

The basis of every change on the outside is an internal change. I facilitate experiences and adventures that initiate these transformations and accompany the process to optimal development.

Our training offerings at a glance

Equine assisted process support by Pegasia Training

Give yourself, your colleagues or your organization the wings of personal growth: Learn to understand yourself and others better, broaden your perspectives, strengthen your motivation and improve your communication.

Team development

Team building and workshops with the transformative power of horses

The strongest glue for teams is shared experiences. Whether it’s team building, a relaxed team event with a unique factor or improving your employees‘ interpersonal skills – our programs offer you the right experience in nature. Always there: the horses, powerful companions and accelerators of processes.
  • Team events in the countryside with horses
  • Team building offsite
  • Workshop “3 Golden C’s” – Cooperation, Communication and Conflict Management
  • Individual workshops, adapted to your current challenges
Individual development

Individual process support in professional and personal development

Development, both professionally and personally, is crucial for anyone who wants to keep up in an ever-faster-moving world. The view from the outside and beyond the usual horizon works wonders here. My saddlebags are full of methods and experiences to optimally accompany your individual process.

Professional development

Experience-oriented training with horses for specialists and managers

You can expand your horizons with professional horse-assisted process support. And have fun too! Get to know yourself, change your mindset and expand your behavioral repertoire. In two-day training seminars with horses you will learn – through input, experiences, feedback, self-reflection and repeated experience.

  • Agile leadership and self-leadership
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Convince and sell
  • Training “Train the Trainer: Facilitating with Horses”

Personal development

Life advice in personal crisis situations and difficult life circumstances

Behavior change is hard. In the natural environment and with the support of the horses and my companion, it becomes easy and inspiring. Beyond dry methods and frameworks, you will get to know yourself better, gain in-depth experiences and realize your potential. I support you with stress, burnout, exhaustion depression, trauma consequences and conflicts.

  • Systemic coaching with horses
  • Therapeutic riding
  • Hypnosis coaching and therapy
  • Couples counseling and mediation
Organizational development

Systemic process support in organizational development

Our systemic process support helps you create a healthy and productive organizational culture that sustainably strengthens the company’s success. This approach looks at dynamics and interactions within the organization holistically and includes everyone involved. In this way, it promotes the willingness to change, finds solutions and strengthens cooperation in the long term.
  • Workshop “Values in Action”
  • Workshop “The Customer First Mindset”
  • Workshop “From crisis to opportunity”
  • Workshop “We are changing”
  • Individual organizational workshops

The transformative power of horses

This is how horses support your training in a unique way

Working with horses in coaching and training supports personal growth, emotional healing and interpersonal development in a unique way.
Pegasia Gold Icon – horse

Nonverbal communication

Horses are sensitive to the body language, mood and emotions of the people around them. By communicating with them non-verbally, patterns and behaviors in communication become easier to understand. Better communication skills can be practiced and developed with the animals.

Pegasia Gold Icon – frame


Horses reflect the internal states and behaviors of the people who interact with them. Ways of thinking and behavioral patterns can be recognized more clearly and can be reflected on and changed.

Pegasia Gold Icon – transactions

Honest feedback

Horses provide immediate and honest feedback, without judgment or evaluation. This gives participants direct feedback about their actions and their impact, leading to more effective self-reflection and personal development.

Pegasia Gold Icon – love-message

Building trust

Working with horses requires trust and mutual respect. By building a trusting relationship with a horse, participants can learn to develop trust in themselves and others.

Pegasia Gold Icon – podcast

Emotional regulation

Horses can have a calming effect on people and help them better regulate their emotional states. Their calming presence reduces stress and creates a relaxed training situation – the basis for successful changes.

Pegasia Gold Icon – run-shoes

Physical activity

Interaction with horses often includes physical activity in the fresh air. This helps to get “out of your head” and also promotes physical fitness, coordination and balance.

Gallery and ambience

Some impressions of our seminars

May I introduce myself?

Trainer and coach Natalia Eichhorn

As a systemic coach and organizational developer, riding therapist and horse-assisted coach, I rely on the power of horses as a proven supporter and accelerator of transformation processes. From them we learn trust – the basis of any sustainable change.

Benefit from my skills:

Economic competence – I know the business world

Systemic competence – I am systemically trained


Agile competence – agile working methods are my expertise


Interpersonal skills – empathy and sensitivity


Horse expertise – 40 years of experience with horses


Event competence – organization of events


Let’s get to know each other

Ready to take the reins?

Let’s find new ways together. Sustainable success depends on being able to treat ourselves and the people around us better. In professional life, as well as everywhere else. I look forward to getting to know you!

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